The working principle behind our “Core” Portfolio

Value Investing What is Value Investing Value investing, by definition is to be able to buy companies cheaper than it’s in perceived fair value or intrinsic value. Though, one could line up books from the Earth to the Moon stacked together on exactly what “Value Investing” is. I choose to stick to my definition. While,Continue reading “The working principle behind our “Core” Portfolio”

When fishing, patience is a virtue !

Considering how we borrowed our investment philosophy from an old chinese idiom related to fishing, we realised we weren’t only borrowing an idiom from them but also a very very important virtue common to fishermen and investors alike- PATIENCE ! While investing inherently requires patience, in our philosophy our patience is usually tested more frequently.Continue reading “When fishing, patience is a virtue !”

High Capital Base and Associated Problems

An everlasting debate around the bourses has been the “Investment” vs “Trading” debate though honestly, there is not much scope for this to persist but I believe it is one that keeps making its way onto discussions. Though, more so during a bull market than a bear market. But lets blame the concept of theContinue reading “High Capital Base and Associated Problems”

How we look at Risk

Risk has a definition we find peculiarly interesting. In the modern theory of finance Risk is too closely connected with the volatility of asset pricing and the probability of not being able to liquidate the security at a price the buyer feels is fair. Risk is usually quantified in terms of “Standard Deviation” of itsContinue reading “How we look at Risk”

Understanding the “Muddy Waters Investing” Philosophy

Inspired from the Chinese Idiom: Clear waters have no fish Ancient Chinese Idiom The idiom compares fishing in muddy waters with that in clear waters, concluding the latter to not bear fruit. Probably in clear waters, birds and fishermen could see the fishes and hence there aren’t any more. Similarly, since in muddy waters noContinue reading “Understanding the “Muddy Waters Investing” Philosophy”

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